“The content you shared was right on target and your dynamic, interactive and fun approach was just what we needed. Your session was ranked by our attendees as one of the highlights of the meeting and the high energy you brought to the group impacted not only your session but the meeting as a whole.”

Brian B. Hansen, Genoptix

“Robert’s presentation that night was totally in line with our teaching, and he was incredibly well received by everyone…”

Dr. Maureen Hoyt, Center for Spiritual Living

“I love the fact that your presentation was interactive… [you] clearly articulated how to attract positive opportunities and provided the tools for our students [to] build self confidence. We heard great feedback… You clearly inspired them and gave them the opportunity to think in ways they had not considered before about the advantages and benefits of being a student leader. You were a pleasure to work with and made it a fun and easy experience for those of us who coordinated the event as well as the students.”

Connie Chang, UC San Diego

“The response from our attendees to your presentations was excellent. You energized them, gave them some valuable insights and challenged their thinking with what you shared. The dialogue you stimulated with your keynote continued throughout the three day event and I know it helped our attendees get the most possible benefit from their time at the conference.”

Jen Hamilton, Director, Excel Youth Zone, San Diego, CA

“I can’t think of a better way to kick-off the meeting…your message on Change was spot on and it was great seeing everyone interacting with one another.  The feedback from everyone has been overwhelmingly positive.  So again, we really appreciate you and I hope to work with you more in the future.”

Whitney Anderson, Tandem Diabetes Care

“The business ideas alone for my industry has paid for the retreat 10 or 20+  times over. 

Joe Caltabellotta, RE/Max Real Estate

“You don’t know how tough your audience was today. We’ve chewed up and spit out presenters many times. You were terrific. I heard nothing but positive comments from colleagues. We are looking forward to working with you all year.”

Justin Conn, San Dieguito Academy

“I am confident that the students who attended your session will easily be able to USE what they learned to improve their experience here at Dartmouth and beyond. This was definitely the best event of its kind that I have attended here.”

C. Maria Sperduto, Dartmouth College