Taking The Decision Making Process A Notch Higher

We make tough decisions in our everyday life, and entrepreneurs make critical decisions to help run their businesses. The decision-making process can be a complex one and there are different styles of doing it. To solve problems, we have to make those difficult decisions and at times, we find ourselves on the edge because we made poor decisions. If you are an entrepreneur, you want to make sure your team makes sound decisions. There are various things you should observe when making such choices.

First, you want to assess how important or urgent a decision might be. For instance, you may find that a decision is important but it’s not urgent. Before you conclude that this is the decision to take, you really want to ensure it is timely. If there is more time, you can continue brainstorming and seeking more information because even with what data you have, it’s never all of it. Look at every possible data you may have, some of which could be intangible, for instance, people’s fears, sense of security, or wishes.

Whenever a team is participating in the process let them know if they should be involved in the final decision. They may take part in consultative or decisive voice. If you invite their consultative voice, you are asking for their opinions, perspective, or suggestions, but if you invite their decisive voice, you are wanting them to be part of that final decision. So let the team know their level of participation.

Again, a decision-making process should include the right people – think about the best persons who you should involve in the activity.

Last but not least, you should expect and embrace struggle. It’s never easy to make decisions because, as humans, we tend to be emotional and irrational in making choices. You will often find yourself in the groan zone or growth zone of making choices, and this is pretty inevitable. If you aren’t bold enough, it could derail the entire process. Nonetheless, it is quite a value to the participatory decision making.

You may want to consult Robert MacPhee of Excellent Decisions to see how you should approach your decision-making process- whether on a personal level or as an entrepreneur.