Change is not an easy thing. Whether it be a small change in your daily routine or a major life change, we all struggle; some of us more than others. If you struggle with change, it could be that you fall into one of the categories below. Read further to find out more about why we resist change and how we can improve.

We Like How Things Are Now
The most common reason we resist change is because we are creatures of habit. We get used to a certain way and we like it, making us resistant to any type of change that disrupts our norm. For example, we like our house and our job and considering changing those things by moving to a new city seems scary. Or having your boss ask you to complete a task differently that you have been doing for many years in the way that you like to complete it, can ruffle your feathers.

We Fear the Unknown
Another reason we resist change is because we are afraid of the unknown. Change brings about the unknown and we might begin to think the change is too risky or too scary because we don’t know what to expect. Change is never easy, but sometimes stepping out into the unknown is what our lives need to feel fulfilled.

We Lack Self-Confidence
Lastly, we might feel as though we don’t have the ability to make a change and successfully adhere to it. If you don’t think yourself capable of doing something, chances are you are not likely going to take the change for change. In order to build self-confidence, sometimes change is needed. The more you change your way of thinking about yourself and self-talk to guide yourself, the higher your self-confidence will be and the more likely you are to accept change in your life.