Robert MacPhee had an “unfair advantage” as a parent. His three children grew up at a time when he was working for 20+ years with some of the greatest teachers on the planet in the areas of positive psychology, mindfulness, emotional intelligence and peak performance. His kids learned things growing up that most young people today simply don’t get the chance to learn.


Now he has the dream scenario as a parent: He gets to see all three of his children (although they are not children any more!) doing really well at at top tier colleges like Stanford, Dartmouth and UC Santa Barbara. All three of them are getting excellent grades, making profound contributions, and living productive, happy lives. As a parent does it get any better than that?


But that’s not the experience we see for so many other young people in today’s high stress, high pressure and fast changing world. Many of our children are really struggling to keep up and find their way.


So Robert does whatever he can to allow other parents to have the same “unfair advantage” he had. In addition to the work he does with businesses and colleges, he works with parents  to share with them what he learned from his amazing teachers. He wants more parents to know how to empower their children to THRIVE.  He facilitates a community of parents who are committed to their children’s success.


If you want to know more, set up a time to connect personally with Robert for a consultation to talk about your unique parenting situation and what you can do to create an ideal relationship with your children. You can schedule your Parenting Excellence Consultation by calling Robert on his direct phone line (760-632-4909) or e-mailing him at


It is possible for our children to achieve at a very high level AND be truly happy. Robert knows it’s true because he sees it in his own children every day. He would love to help you create the same kinds of results and experiences with your children that he has with his. It’s time for you to have the kind of relationships you really want with all of your children, whatever their ages and however different they may be. If you want to know more, please reach out to Robert personally. It’s time to explore how you can be the best parent possible.


To your (and your children’s) success!


IMPORTANT NOTE: Please share this information with any other parents you know who genuinely want their children to achieve at a very high level, reach their full potential, and be truly happy.  I know it’s possible.