Robert MacPhee is the Founder and President of Heart Set, Inc. in San Diego California. He works with organizations faced with significant changes, helping their people sustain and/or improve their productivity in spite of those changes.

Robert is the author of the book and partner journal “Manifesting for Non-Gurus, How to Quickly and Easily Attract Lasting Results”. He is the former Director of Training for the Canfield Training Group (having worked directly with Jack Canfield, co-creator of the Chicken Soup for the Soul Book series and author of The Success Principles), and he is a Founding Member and former Executive Director of the Transformational Leadership Council.

Robert is a graduate of the University of California, San Diego with a degree in Economics. His work experience includes several successful entrepreneurial ventures and a variety of leadership and management positions with large companies. For example, Robert and his partner started a parking business directly out of college that quickly grew to over 400 employees and four million dollars in revenue.

His current company, Heart Set, Inc., provides speaking, coaching and consulting to individuals and businesses. He is the creator of the Excellent Decisions leadership development program. The focus of Robert’s work is helping leaders create the results AND the experience of life they really want in a world of constant change. He does this by facilitating highly interactive workshops and hands on follow up, all based on the learning and application of fundamental principles.

Robert is a knowledgeable, fun and engaging speaker. He is an expert in experiential learning, peak performance and leadership. He has spoken at colleges and universities, industry trade shows, government conferences and individual company events and trainings. His clients include Qualcomm, Google, Cibus, Coldwell Banker, Denny’s, Jack in the Box, Dartmouth College, UCSD, Gen-Probe, Keller Williams, Genoptix, and more. Robert’s emphasis is always on identifying desired results, discovering ways to attract those results more quickly and easily, and making sure the changes are sustainable.