Indecision Is The Killer Of Many Dreams
Ever had a small business idea that you didn’t push through with, whether for lack of capital of indecision then later saw it being implemented successfully by someone else? It hurts, doesn’t it? Check out these success stories.

Uber Technologies Inc.
Travis Kalanick and Garrett Camp had an idea that would transform the way people all over the world hailed cabs. They put it together and probably shared the dream with investors who shot them down. No way that would work in California, let alone the world, they said. Look at their idea now. Uber is renowned world over with annual revenue in excess of $6 billion.

Facebook Inc.
Mark Zuckerberg and friends had an idea. They would transform the world into a literal small village. They just needed to create a platform where millions of friends would catch up and show off to each other and the world. Well, what started as an idea is now one of the largest social platforms in the world. And people are doing more than just show off there., Inc.
When Jeff Bezos couldn’t get his books fast enough, he engaged his mind and thought up a platform that would allow him and fellow book lovers get their dose in time. He also saw the opportunity to ride the technology wave that was just starting to cut its teeth. Amazon, like most giants of its time, began humbly in Bezos’ garage and today, the online shopping giant is the face of e-commerce.

Sarah Blakely had a dream. She wanted women and girls to feel sexy in their dresses. She knew that her apparel idea was not new, but she realized that only male investors were involved in it. She would bring a new angle to the market as a user of the product. Just like that, she has built an empire with her product reaching far and wide.
This great woman and men have one thing in common: an idea that they believed in. They took their ideas and decided to run with them. Look at them now.