Indecision: The Curse That Holds You Back
There are usually two types of people in the world: risk takers and the risk averse. The primary difference between the two groups is the thing of their decisions. You see, most people are crippled with fear of the unknown. Because you are not confident of the outcome of your decision, you may want to hold it as much as possible; buy yourself some time. While at it, you lose a chance to make a difference.

What Feeds Indecision?
Fear; that’s what holds most people back. The fact that you are not guaranteed success makes most want to only take those chances whose results they can foresee. This fear of taking a leap in the dark prevents you from becoming the best you can.

How To Overcome the Fear
The body, it is said, can achieve anything that the mind conceives. The only limits that exist are those that we put on ourselves. It all starts with finding purpose in what you do because that leads to the setting of tangible and measurable goals. Now, armed with the goal, you will need to empower your mind so that it knows that nothing stands in the way.

Don’t Do It Alone
Changing the way of thinking so that you can become a highly effective decision maker calls for a change in culture. You will need to dig deep, uproot the old way of thinking, and then plant a new seed. That will take some work and a lot of help from someone who has done this before.

Talk To MacPhee
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