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The Prosperity Game Intensive

August 20 - September 27


The Prosperity Game is a profound way to examine and break through your own self-imposed thoughts, beliefs and habits around money.  Playing the game is a fun and very insightful experience.  We have facilitated this game for years and amazing insights always emerge for players, giving them the opportunity to achieve to entirely new levels of abundance.

The session being offered right here right now, The Prosperity Game Intensive, is the first one ever that will be played with a limit of twelve players and it will include an additional seven group coaching calls.  This is being done to help players not only identify their limiting thoughts, beliefs and habits about money, but BREAK THOUGH them to an entirely new level of accomplishment and satisfaction.

How the game works:  Prosperity Game players receive an e-mail every Monday, Wednesday and Friday for four weeks.  Embedded in the e-mail is a virtual “check” and a link to the Prosperity Game private Facebook group.  

To play the game you simply click through to the Facebook group and answer two simple questions about your check:

  1.  Where did the money come from?  Did you earn it?  Find it?  Win it?  Was it a gift?  You get to decide…
  2.  What will you do with your money?  Spend it?  Invest it?  Give it away?  Again, you get to decide…

That’s it. It’s very simple.  It only takes a few minutes a day three days a week.  But the game gets very interesting as with each e-mail message you receive THE AMOUNT OF YOUR CHECK DOUBLES.  How will the way you play the game change as the amounts grow?  And grow…  And grow…  What will you do when you are faced with the limits of what you believe is possible when it comes to money?

Included in each message are insights about how to get the most from your experience of playing the game.  We have facilitated this game many times before and we want you to get all of the value of our experience.  The Prosperity Game is an amazing opportunity to examine your own beliefs and habits around money.

The Prosperity Game Intensive is limited to only twelve players.  Over the course of this version of the game there will be a total of ten group coaching calls for players to help them get the most possible benefit from the experience.  These calls will be personally facilitated by Robert MacPhee.

The Prosperity Game Intensive starts on Monday August 20th, are you in?  This small, intimate group version of the game, with extra coaching for all participants, is intended to be offered in the future for $499 for the four week session.  This session starting August 20th is being offered for $199 with the caveat that all participants agree to provide a written and/or video testimonial at the end of the game.  Just tell me what you really think.  As with all products and programs offered by Excellent Decisions, The Prosperity Game Intensive has a 100% money back guarantee.  If you participate and do not believe you received the value promised, you will be given a full refund. 

To play all you need to do is CLICK HERE to sign up with PayPal or CLICK HERE to sign up with your credit card.  You will then be added to the e-mail/check distribution list and directed to the private Facebook group where the game is played.  Once you join the Facebook group you are ready to go.  All you need to do is wait for your first check!

Are you ready to face you own self imposed money limits?

BONUS ONE: All players in this special version of The Prosperity Game will receive free hardcover copies of the Manifesting for Non-Gurus book and partner journal.

BONUS TWO: All players in this special version of The Prosperity Game will receive a 30 minute one-on-one consultation with Robert MacPhee.  It is up to you whether to use this consultation before, during or after the game.

This is a very unique opportunity, again, only being made to twelve people.  Are you in? 

CLICK HERE (PayPal) or CLICK HERE (credit card) to join the game!

Welcome to The Prosperity Game Intensive…


August 20
September 27
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