4 Ways to Overcome Your Fear of Decision Making

The fear of making the wrong decision is a real problem that can put decision makers into a crippling state of confusion. Fear prevents us from achieving our goals. It encourages procrastination. Failing to make decisive and timely decisions is something that leaders should guard against. Here are some tips on how to deal with the fear.

Prepare, Gain Confidence and Improve your Chances for Success
Decidophobia could be a sign of low self esteem on the part of the leader. He or she may feel like, no decision he or she makes will be good enough.

One way to overcome this fear is to prepare thoroughly. You can overcome this fear by ensuring you have as much information about a subject as is necessary to make a decision. You will be increasing your confidence as well as the probability that you’ll make the right decision.

Become Better By Learning from Previous Mistakes
You can learn a lot by reviewing your previous decisions both good and bad. By constantly reviewing the consequences of your past decisions, you can learn from your mistakes at a faster rate. This can make you more adept at decision making which will give you the confidence you need as you gain more experience.

Practice Decision Making
Your decidophobia is mainly driven by fear. One way to overcome it is to make many small decisions daily. Pay attention to your own responses to the decisions you are making. Pay attention to thought patterns that may be triggering your fear. Make a point of taking action after you make a decision. Taking too long will only intensify your fears.

Focus on Making the Right Decision
The main source of your fear is probably because you are too focused on the prospect that you’ll get it wrong. Instead be positive. Think of the good things that will happen when you make the right decision.